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Re: Mass bugs filing: bogus debian/watch files

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Hi everybody,

Yesterday, after fixing some bugs on DEHS (I'm now part of the team), I ran
the script that performs all the checks.
That means there's new, fresh, information regarding the watch files so I'd
like to report the new watch files failing to report upstream's version.

I've already reopened some bug reports which were not really fixed.

Some highlights regarding the recent changes made to improve the
prevention/detection of false positives:
On DEHS side: latest uscan is now used, preventing those silly reports about
an unsupported protocol being used, i.e. https.
On the reporting script side: 'cpan.org' was added as a keyword to the
filter so no further reports will be sent because of bogus/failing CPAN

This time the number of watch files to be reported is 88, reason why I'm
posting to the list.
I hope there won't be any objection and that nobody disagrees on me making
an other, probably mass (depends on the watch files, not me :), bug filling
in the future.

On the generated email messages I'm now also suggesting the maintainer to
set the 'help' tag on the bug report if they can't figure out how to fix
it. This is so next time I review the list of bugs for need of patches I
pay more attention to those reports.

Kind regards,
Raphael Geissert
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