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Problems with double-word alignment on hppa and sparc


I need some help with #444494 since I'm neither an ocaml nor a
hppa, sparc specialist. The package orpie ships with its own
gsl ocaml bindings and they cannot be compiled on hppa and sparc
due to an alignment problem. I contacted upstream of orpie and
got the following answer:

<upstream says>
I've looked into this a bit, and I'm not sure it can be fixed very
easily.  The OCaml bindings for libgsl avoid some expensive copy
operations by making the assumption that the platform can accept double
arrays aligned on word boundaries.  Apparently hppa and sparc don't
provide this capability.
</upstream says>

Well, is there really no hope for fixing this? This appears to
be a more general problem and maybe somebody has solved it already.

What puzzles me is the fact, that libocamlgsl-ocaml compiles without
errors. The gsl bindings shipped with orpie are the same version as
libocamlgsl-ocaml, though not all files are present.


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