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Intrested in promoting Debian with Linux+ magazine?

On Nov 27, 2007 1:37 PM, Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:
> Is anyone at all interested in doing this? [I'd be willing to assist,
> but I cannot commit to doing it myself.]


My name is Katarzyna Kaczor and I am an editorial assistant in Linux+DVD 
magazine. It's a quaterly totally devoted to Linux and Open Source, 
distributed all over the US. 

In each issue of our magazine we covermount different distribution which is 
a main theme of the issue. T

his 2/2008 issue of Linux+  will be devoted to Debian adn that is why I am 
making a request to you. I would like to ask you forwriting an article on 
Debian installation and configuration to our 'startWITH' section (a 
step-by-step guide, how-to article).  Could you?

I am looking forward to your reply,

p.s. Please  accept my apologises for spamming you but, as it turned out 
finding anyone from Debian community who could write an article on Debian 
installation isn't an easy task :) 
Katarzyna Kaczor
Linux+ DVD magazine

Software Media LLC
1461 A First Avenue, # 360
New York, NY 10021-2209

phone number: 1-917-338 - 3631/ +48 22 427 35 34
fax:  +48 22 887 10 11

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