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Re: Help With Custom Deb Package

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 07:55:00AM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Nov 2007, Alex Samad wrote:
>>> Yes, I'm doing this for years.  I ended up with binary packages
>>> andreas-base, andreas-nox, andreas-x and andreas-laptop on my
>>> local mirror and these packages will be installed on new boxes.
>> sounds like where I am going
> Yes (according to the explanation in your other mail).
>>>   1. Use (for instance) a cfengine skript that changes 
>>> /etc/bind/named.conf
>>>      that is provided by bind.
>> cfengine script ? is this some way of manipulating the config files ?
>    apt-cache show cfengine2
>    http://www.cfengine.org/

looks good

> BTW, you probably want to have a look into FAI
>    apt-cache show fai-quickstart

looks interesting 

But hey seem a bit like overkill for what I am wanting to do right now, maybe 
it might evolving into using something like this

> If I would have to set up >=3 servers to set up at the same time I
> would go with FAI.  Sounds like a really great concept.  You have to
> invest some time in the beginning, but once you have done the first
> steps you will probably very happy. ;-)
>>>   2. Provide /etc/bind/named.conf.my and copy it into the right place 
>>> later
>> can I do this via postinst script - I would like to full automate the 
>> setup of
>> my box
> Yes, but see below.  And "full automate" smells really strong like FAI. ;-)
>>> Please be aware that it is not guaranteed which postinst script is called
>>> first and thus it might happen that the bind postinst can be called 
>>> either
>>> before or after your own one.  You have two chances to make sure that 
>>> bind
>>> postinst is called first:
>>>   1. Use bind as Pre-Depends.
>>>   2. Use an apt  Post-Inst hook that is called before apt ends its work
>>>      for your own package.
>> Which is a safer option, isn't post-inst order still un deterministic, so 
>> I am
>> guess pre-depends is better
> Sorry I meant "Post-Invoke".  You drop a script into /etc/apt/apt.conf.d
> that contains
> DPkg {Post-Invoke {"Do-Your-Stuff-Script";};}
>>> You could save a backup there but I personally would prefer
>>> /etc/bind/named.conf.orig because it is closer to the original location
>>> in case you want to do later editing.  Its a matter of personal taste.
>> I usually use .orig, but I have notice a lot of packages (slapd, aptitude)
>> placing there backups there, thought it might be the place to put them
> Well, than use not 'orig', but 'orig_before_my_script' ...
>> Thanks, glad to hear that is has been successfully before
> I guess FAI is done much more often and you might get quite good support
> on FAI lists.  But regarding this topic I'm personally incompetent.
> Kind regards
>         Andreas.
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