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ITP: libcgi-formbuilder-source-yaml-perl -- Initialize CGI::FormBuilder application from YAML file

Package: wnpp

* Package name: libcgi-formbuilder-source-yaml-perl
  Version: 1.0008
  Upstream Author: Mark Hedges <hedges@ucsd.edu>
* URL: http://search.cpan.org/dist/CGI-FormBuilder-Source-Yaml/
* License: GPL or Perl Artistic


This Perl module reads a YAML file containing CGI::FormBuilder
configuration options and returns a hash that can be directly fed into
the application's initialization method CGI::FormBuilder->new().

It uses YAML::Syck as YAML backend, allowing full data structure
specification as well as code fragment specification. This is
particularly useful if you need to define validation callbacks, as if
often desired in CGI::FormBuilder applications.
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