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Re: buildds: "Authentication warning overridden."

Florian Weimer writes ("Re: buildds: "Authentication warning overridden.""):
> In this case, HTTPS should be used to download the packages, together
> with proper certificate validation.  This has got the added benefit that
> passwords aren't sent in the clear (well, unless an error occurs, but
> this is a separate issue).

https is a pretty poor protocol because it usually suffers from
dreadful key management.  In this case it might be workable but for
this specialised application it's probably not worth the effort to add
https support to apt (indeed, I would suggest that apt ought _not_ get
gain https support because that would lead people to use https in the
usual way - ie inappropriately).

Better would be to arrange for apt's usual signature checking
mechanisms to work.  I understand that the incoming directory
can't be signed with any of the usual keys because that would require
a human to make the key available and authorise the signature.

But it would perhaps be possible to generate a dedicated key which is
used to sign incoming only for the benefit of the buildds, and to
install the corresponding public half in the buildds' configs.

That would involve providing a Release file for incoming of course.

The key could even be automatically changed on a regular basis, with
the public half distributed via ssh.


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