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I'm wondering whether having a Contents-source.gz file on the mirrors
would be interesting. p.d.o could also be updated so as to support the
search through the “Source” architecture. apt-file could also use such

Use case: when discovering a bug in a given file (e.g. a header, an m4
or a pkg-config file), one could easily search for other source packages
including it, to spot possible bogus packages (e.g. FTBFSing in some

That might be particularly useful when working on security issues: given
a work-needing file, one could search for possible copies in other
source packages, which might not been known as embedding a copy of the
responsible library/file.

Another application could be searching the source packages for files
matching a given pattern, so as to determine which source packages
contain a given library, or files written in a given language (if one
can trust the extension enough).

Comment welcome.


Cyril Brulebois

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