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ITP: libvi-quickfix-perl -- Perl support for vim's QuickFix mode

Package: wnpp
Severity: ITP

* Package name: libvi-quickfix-perl
  Version: 1.129
  Upstream Author: Anno Siegel <siegel@zrz.tu-berlin.de>
* URL:  http://search.cpan.org/dist/Vi-QuickFix/
* License: GPL or Perl Artistic


If a Perl program or module uses Vi::QuickFix, Perl logs errors and
warnings to an error file. While editing that program or module with vim
you can ask Perl to compile it. If there are errors during compilation,
the error file is picked when you type a special QuickFix command and
Vim will jump to the location of the first error recorded. Other
QuickFix commands allow you to jump to other error messages, switching
files if necessary.  

This module is intended as a debugging tool for Perl programmers using
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