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Re: SPARC build failure of texlive-bin

On Do, 15 Nov 2007, Luk Claes wrote:
> This means that dh_shlibdeps was running for 150 minutes without sending
> any output to the build log. To make sure buildds won't wait forever

Yes, that I did understand, but why? 

There were only a few patches added that affect the compilation process:
gcc43-compile-fix: which is two added #include <cstring>
fix segfault of dvips -z on amd64: which changes hps.c within the dvips
  sources, but has nothing to do with the shlibs.

> they stop the build proces, default it's 150 minutes, though it can be
> configured per package.

So I wonder why this could have happened?

Is it possible to start a new build process?

Best wishes


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