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Re: Bug#450432: ... and even more bugs like this?

>>>>> Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:


 >> --cut--
 >> .B ifconfig eth0:0 down
 >> . Note: for every scope (i.e. same net with address/netmask combination) all
 >> aliases are deleted, if you delete the first (primary).
 >> --cut--


 > Yeah, this is a common roff coding problem.  That text should be
 > written as:

 >     .BR "ifconfig eth0:0 down" .
 >     Note: ....

	Yes, I've guessed that when I was submitting a patch for

 > or with the period escaped.

	... And this is the thing I haven't found how to do.  Could you
	please show me that spell?


 >> What I'm expected to do, then?  (With respect to Debian BTS.)  I
 >> believe, start filing multiple bug reports would be a bad idea (for
 >> me now.)

 > Well, they certainly are bugs, and I think filing those bugs after
 > you verify that this is a problem and the period wasn't there for
 > some other purpose (such as to create a comment line) is perfectly
 > fine.

	Isn't .\" the better way to go then?

	Since this issue could be checked with lintian, I think that
	sending a wishlist report on it is a better way.  IIUC, once the
	check is in lintian, the bugs like this would be filed

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