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Re: debian-infrastructure-announce (was: dupload failed)


On Friday 09 November 2007 09:38, Frank Küster wrote:
> Err, and what exactly is the reason for this? d-d-a isn't exactly
> overloaded, and availability of debian infrastructure is something every DD
> and maintainer should know about. It's also not like it would create a
> problem if we got more frequent status mails from DSA in the future.
> So why should I subscribe to an additional list?

Because not every infrastructual bit should/needs to be announced on d-d-a?!

Obviously, if ftp-master is down, this needs to go to d-d-a. But if the 3rd 
amd64 porter machine or the swedish debian mirror is offline for 6h due to 
scheduled maintainance, this doesnt need to go to d-d-a. But it's nice to 
have on the infrastructure list.


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