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Re: Consistent handling of the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS

Neil Williams wrote:
> In this context, I believe "package documentation" should mean:
> "All files in the package that are installed beneath /usr/share/doc
> which are not mandated by Policy."
> Therefore, copyright and changelogs are excluded as are manpage and
> info pages but README, TODO, AUTHORS and all HTML/SGML/XML files
> whether explicitly loaded via scrollkeeper/yelp etc or not are included.
> A separate method will be developed later to deal with removing
> manpages, infopages, lintian and linda files and other miscellaneous
> files only from Emdebian packages so that the Debian package still
> complies with Policy and lintian etc.

I don't understand this reasoning. We have other DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS that
can be used to generate packages that don't follow policy (nostrip, for
example). This is fine, because they're not used by default. So why
does it matter if some documentation is required by policy and other
documentation not?

(The copyright file is a bit of a special case, since there are few
cases were you'd legally be able to leave it out when building a

see shy jo

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