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Re: debian-keyring package in jetring

I am sorry to bring up this issue again, but since #295527 is still
open, I think it is worth bringing attention back to it. IMHO at least
simply updated keyring would be great to have. It is pathetic to have
2005.05.28 version (especially since I am not in that one ;-) )

I am not competent enough in managing keyrings so I would better stay
away from prepping NMU for this one

On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, Joey Hess wrote:

> I've created a version of the debian-keyring package that uses jetring.
> I started with the package in the archive, and then updated it
> using the more current keyrings James keeps on keyring.debian.org. For
> details, see the typescript.

> A few issues with jetring did come to light. It does not preserve a few
> signatures on keys in debian-keyring.gpg. I suspect these are old
> expired signatures, but have not double-checked. When processing
> emeritus-keyring.gpg, it fails to import keys 76578289 (Stephen J.
> Carpenter), and C998F231 (Lonnie Sauter) due to a missing (expired?)
> self-signature, and the same also happens with numerous keys in
> removed-keys.gpg. I decided not to set up a jetring for removed-keys at
> least until this is resolved. Also, I did not set up a jetring for
> extra-keys.pgp since it seems static.

> One thing I want to do but have not yet tackled is generating the
> debian/changelog using the same format that it's always used. I assume
> that James has a tool that takes gpg output and generates those
> changelog entries, and I'd prefer not to reinvent that wheel if I can
> avoid it. I'm hoping I'll get lucky and find a copy of that tool, and
> maybe I'll be extra lucky and can just pipe jetring-diff output to it.

> At this point the package stands as a demo of using jetring, but if
> James wants, I'm willing to work on it a bit more and upload it to the
> archive and maintain it based on the changes James makes to the
> keyring.debian.org keyrings.

> http://kitenet.net/~joey/tmp/debian-keyring/
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