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Audio-Problem in xfce4

[Changed subject because this goes into the specific problem of
 my general question.]

On Fri, 2 Nov 2007, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:

I guess you can still open this bug. We'll reassign we find the guilty
package, and close it if it's just a config problem or something like

Well, sure you could reassign a bug but I would feel guilty if I would
not provide any helpfull information to do this reasonably.

I indeed can't reproduce this,

This is what I expected - that's why I hesitated to load the debug
burden without really good chances on you.

Does this still occurrs if you don't run Xfce from gdm but login in
console and startxfce4?

Well, no, but this reduces the problem probably.  If I start xmms from
a xfce4 via startxfce4 I get an error screen:

    Couldn't open audio:   (window title)

              Please check that:

           Your soundcard is configured properly
         You have the correct output plugin selected
         No other program is blocking the soundcard

This enhances my suspicion about a problem with the sound system.  If
you ask me - no sound at all is better than no keyboard at all. ;-)
I do not really cary why xmms had this problem (I just changed to
audacious), but if I start audacious in a startxfce4 session I get
the same problem.  Lessions learned:
  * The Problem occures in whatever way I start

Thanks to the hint of Christian I verified that /var/log/dpkg.log* did
not show any xfce4 string after
   2007-08-20 07:45:57 upgrade xfce4-terminal 0.2.6-2 0.2.6-3
So if the problem would be caused by xfce4 itself I would have noticed
it definitely earlier.  OK, thunar might be involved - I have no idea
whether this does have an influence on the sound

2007-10-24 07:54:28 upgrade libthunar-vfs-1-2 0.8.0-5 0.8.0-6
2007-10-24 07:54:31 upgrade thunar 0.8.0-5 0.8.0-6
2007-10-24 07:54:31 upgrade thunar-data 0.8.0-5 0.8.0-6

which would be exactly the time in question when the problem
occured the first time.  To verify this idea I deinstalled
thunar (dpkg --remove --force-depends thunar) and xmms showed
the same message as above, but audacious startet playing - and
had frozen my keyboard and mouse events.  So I doubt that thunar
is responsible.

But now it becomes really funny:  If I do

   Xephyr -ac :2
   export DISPLAY=:2

I can observe the problem in a closed environment.  If I stick the
mouse to the Xephyr window it behaves in the same curde way (not able
to destroy windows, open menus etc. but I can move the cursor) and
there is no response to keyboard events.  If I release the mouse
(ctrl+shift) I can proceed to normal operation and finally kill the
Xephyr window.

I'm not perfectly comfortable with sending a bug against xfce4 and
would like to ask for further ideas what information might be helpful
to effectively track down the problem.

Kind regards



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