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Re: Orphaned packages with quite some users


On Wednesday 31 October 2007, Luk Claes wrote:
> Below you'll find a list of longtime orphaned packages with quite some
> users. It would be great if people could adopt packages that are still
> usefull and give alternatives and/or migration plans for packages that
> are rather obsolete or not really usefull anymore.

People who are interested in adopting orphaned packages might want to run 
something like the script below to see the list of orphaned packges that are 
installed on their system sorted by the packages' popcon scores. This may 
help with deciding which package to adopt.

MAINT=`(test -z "$1" && echo packages@qa.debian.org) || echo "$1"`
for x in `grep-status -F Maintainer "$MAINT" -n -s Package`; do
    ept-cache show $x | grep-dctrl '' -n -s Popcon,Package | paste -sd '\t';
done | sort -nr

Note that you need to enable the popcon data provider for ept-cache for this 
script to work.

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