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Bug#448274: meta-package kde-desktop

I already know that can be ordered to installer install kde-desktop, also that there is a installation CD that installs KDE Desktop, and that the meta-package kde-desktop can be installed with aptitude, but i think that you haven't understood me.
These meta-package kde-desktop and also package kde, install too applications, many of them for do the same thing.
For example kde or kde-desktop packages install kdemultimedia and kdegraphics which install more than one video player, more than one image viewer.
I suggest create a new meta-package or make actual more clean. I said that the idea is install just one application for each thing or function (only one video player, only one music player, only one image viewer, and so on...) and try to select the best KDE application for each in order to have a more clean Desktop.
I wrote list of applications that i propose in my first message and a series of functions that aren't now configured in KDE desktop of Debian. We could take a general pattern from Kubuntu distribution, but keeping the stability, the quality and identity of Debian GNU/Linux.

I hope for you have understood me and that you like my idea.

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