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Bug#448274: general: Create a meta package named debian-kde-desktop

Rafael wrote:
> Package: general
> Severity: wishlist
> I suggest the creation of a meta package named for example debian-kde-desktop which should 
> install the most common used KDE aplications in a Desktop and KDE Desktop with Debian artwork.
> At style of meta package kubuntu-desktop in Ubuntu project.
> A general configuration may be:
> -Open Office as office suit.
> -Kaffeine as video player.
> -Amarok as audio player.
> -D3lphin as default File Manager (It is easy configure KDE 3.5 for it).
> -Konqueror and Iceweasel web browsers availables.
> -Gwenview as image viewer.
> -Gimp as image editor.
> -Kwrite or kate as text editor.
> -Adept suit for Package Management (adept-manager, adept-updater, adept-notifier, 
> adept-installer), including software-properties-kde.
> -Kmail as mail manager.
> -Gdebi-kde for manual installation of Debian Packages.
> -Ark for file compression.
> -k3b for CD/DVD burning and Audio/Video extraction.
> -speedcrunch calculator.
> -gtk-qt-engine configured for a well presentation of possible installed gtk aplications in KDE.
> -xmodmap and kmilo well configured for having special keyboard keys available.
> -kooka for use scanner.
> -kdpf or acroread for PDF viewing.
> -qt4-qtconfig installed for configure qt 4 aplications apparience (as speedcrunch).
> -ksystemlog for view system logs.
> -kmix for volume management.
> And any other aplication useful for Desktop use and management. The idea is to install one 
> aplication for each function trying to choose the best aplication for each function, 
> for example is a waste of disk having installed gwenview and kview,
> kaffeine + kaboodle + noatun, speedcrunch + kcalc, adept + kpackage ...
> You shoud do the same for XFCE Desktop and Gnome.

I guess you mean like the meta-package `kde', as the meta-package
`gnome' and as the meta-package `xfce4' already does?

Jose Luis.

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