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Re: Out-of-tree kernel module popularity

Bastian Blank wrote:
 >>>  14 zaptel                          295
>> Not really considered for inclusion by upstream, yet.
> Not possible to merge in the current state.
I know, I'm comaintaining it :)
It may be a good candidate (along with mISDN/vISDN) for Greg KH's team,

>>>  12 kvm                             337
>> Already present in mainline but lags a bit hence the need for a -source
>> package.
> Why?
Why what? It's still under heavy development and changes between
versions are rapid. Only recently the ABI was stabilized.

>>>  76 btsco                             7
>>> 148 bluetooth-alsa                    1
>> Deprecated in favor of userspace alsa plugin.
> Hmm, the userspace alsa plugin is also called bluetooth-alsa and needs a
> sco fix not yet submitted.
Nope, that's deprecated too now. A support for ALSA was merged into
Bluez. bluetooth-alsa's homepage mentions that.
I'm 100% sure because it's working for me with stock Debian kernel :)


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