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Re: Out-of-tree kernel module popularity

Philippe Cloutier wrote:
>> >   4 ipw3945                         897
>> Replaced by (free) iwlwifi which will be present in 2.6.24.
> iwlwifi is "contrib", like ipw3945.
iwlwifi needs non-free firmware, ipw3945 needs non-free firmware and
non-free userspace daemon.

The "free" above was mainline's defintion, not Debian's.
ipw3945 was never merged mainly because of the non-free userspace part,
while iwlwifi is already merged on wireless-2.6.

>> > 132 rtl8180                           1
>> > 130 rtl8180-sa2400                    1
>> Merged.
> You must be thinking about rtl8187. These look like unofficial packages
> anyway.
Right, I got confused because rtl8180 (the driver) is actually for
rtl8185 chipsets (rtl8180 chipsets are not yet supported).


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