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Re: Bug#447592: RFP: fckeditor -- text/file editor for PHP

Hi Moritz,
* Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm@inutil.org> [2007-10-22 18:27]:
> Roland Mas wrote:
> > Nico Golde just contacted me about a problem found in the FCKeditor
> > code that's shipped in the Gforge package.  Apparently, there's at
> > least one other package that ships this code (knowledgeroot), so the
> > code is effectively duplicated.  It would be better for everyone if
> > that software was packaged independently, and others could just depend
> > on it.
> Indeed. karrigell and moin appear to include a copy as well.

Same for gforge-plugins-extra.
Kind regards
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