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Bug#447522: ITP: qtopia-core -- cross-platform C++ application framework for embedded systems

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Fathi Boudra <fboudra@free.fr>

* Package name    : qtopia-core
  Version         : 4.3.2
  Upstream Authors : Trolltech ASA.
* URL             : http://trolltech.com
* License         : GPL
Description:  cross-platform C++ application framework for embedded systems

Qtopia Core is a cross-platform C++ application framework targeted for 
embedded linux systems.

Qtopia Core is the leading application framework for single-purpose devices 
powered by embedded Linux. It provides a robust and proven development 
environment enabling manufacturers to efficiently create devices with 
applications that are tailored to market needs.

Qtopia Core, formerly Qt/Embedded, inherits the power and advantages of Qt 4. 
Trolltech's products remain ahead of the technology curve, freeing customers 
to focus on front-end value-adding innovation rather than maintaining the 
software infrastructure.

With its powerful, rich and fully documented API, Qtopia Core offers the 
freedom to create and innovate. Device and application developers can 
efficiently differentiate their products by taking control of the user 

Qtopia Core not only has minimal hardware dependencies and will run unchanged 
on most standard embedded Linux set-ups, but can also be easily customized to 
take advantage of hardware specific accelerations.



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