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Re: Debian Menu transition status

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, Bill Allombert wrote:

> Others changes:
> ===============
> -- Menu support a new format called "menu-2" since 8 years.

Uhmmm, this is one of the strangest sentences I read on this list this
year.  At which time scale you would regard eight years old as new (at
least in the world of computers)?  I would rather pronounce:

  The menu format that is currently used by nearly every package
  was obsolated by the menu-2 format two years ago because the
  information about was so perfectly hidden that nobody really

I base my assumption that nobody really noticed on the fact that

    grep "menu-2" /usr/share/menu/*

revealed no result on my machine.

> In this
> format lines break are not significant, but logical lines end by a
> semi-comma:
> This is an example:
> !C menu-2
> ?package(pari-gp):
>  section="Applications/Science/Mathematics"
>  needs="text"
>  title="PARI/GP"
>  command="gp"
> ;
> I do not have strong opinion about this format, but feel free to use it.

Well, the strongest prove that you are not alone is that neither
debian-policy mentions it (see #447389), nor dh-make creates menu-2
templates (see #447390) nor lintian suggests this format (see #447391).
But how should we interpret the sentence below:

> Since even potato support menu-2, there are no upgrade or backport
> issue, however this might break the lintian code to parse menu file.
> menu-2 is also available for menu-methods, through the definition
> compat="menu-2". I highly recommend its use for menu-methods.

So you highly recommend something you have no feelings about?
What is the sense of inventing a format and not providing any
information about it.  Even grepping through /usr/share/doc/menu/html
revealed only some notes amout menu-2 but no code example locked
like above.  The manual claims to describe menu format menu-2
but considering that the code uses backspace '\' which should be
necessary according to the information above and given that the
line "!C menu-2" is mandatory as well as the final semicolon
in contrast to the statement of /usr/share/doc/menu/html/ch1.html
that this document describes the menu-2.0 format this is just
not the case (and I should probably a file against the menu
package about this).

So how could you expect developers to adopt a new format if there
is no information about it?

> Imagine a large red swirl here.

I have to admit that my brain turned in a multi colored huge
swirl when I finaly was pointed to this information which was
hidden in the very end of a long mail that was posted to
debian-devel-announce (but got archived on debian-devel strangely

After settling down with this I wonder whether you could easily
turn a menu-1 format file into a menu-2 format file by just
wrapping it i between

   !C menu-2
   <contents of old file>

or is there some other magic?

Kind regards



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