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Re: 0-day NMUs, DELAYED/n uploads


This thread started on -mentors@. The process that should be followed for
0-day NMUs is being discussed. (reminder: it's allowed to do 0-day NMUs
for RC bugs and release goals, for bugs older than 7 days).

Please continue the discussion on -devel@, as it's of interest to

On 17/10/07 at 07:51 -0700, Richard Hecker wrote:
>>> If a person cannot communicate with some email, being a 'lone wolf'
>>> submitting NMUs will not benefit the project in the long term.  The
>>> NMU does not replace communication skills.
>> Mails were sent to the relevant bugs on the BTS (and thus to the
>> maintainer(s)). Do you need a personal email, because you filter out BTS
>> mails? Then we probably have another problem.
> Yes, we do have a problem. From section 5.11.1 of our
> developers reference (http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference),
> the admonition is to "contact the developer first, and act later." It
> appears to me that people do not even understand what the usual
> rules are for NMUs.

When dealing with a bug, it is painful to do an action at one point (notifying
the maintainer), and to have to remember that another action needs to be
done later (do the upload). The DELAYED queue helps a lot with that by
making it possible to do both actions at the same time, but still leave
some time for the maintainer to react.

The following processes seem appropriate to me:
- for bugs older than 7 days:
  - send a mail to the BTS with the NMU diff
  - at the same time, upload directly to unstable, or to DELAYED/1, 2,
  or 3, depending on the package (is it a very popular package?), the
  maintainer (is he active?) and the patch (am I 100% it won't break, or
  only 99%?)

- for bugs newer than 7 days:
  - send a mail to the BTS with the NMU diff
  - at the same time, upload to DELAYED/(7-age), or to
    DELAYED/(7-age+1,2,3), depending on the same conditions as above

But it seems that some maintainers disagree. Is there a consensus that
those processes are OK? If not, what could we do, without making it too
painful for the NMUer?
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