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Re: Forming a new linux Distrbution

On Sunday 14 October 2007 20:05:40 nithi saro wrote:
> Hello  friends ,
>                                           We are college students . we
> are planning to build new linux
> distribution.We don't have any idea how to start and how to
> proceed.Soplease give detailed
> steps to build a new one from scratch (LFS).

Rolling your own distribution from *scratch* might sound fun, but it's 
almost guaranteed to be a bad idea if you are college students and don't 
have any idea how to start. =)

Instead, what you might want to do is make a custom Debain-based 
distribution, which gives you the advantage of not starting from *scratch* 
but getting to strip things down, select exact packages, make your own 
installers, rebrand things, whatever.

A bigger plus is that it's not terribly difficult. See 
<http://wiki.debian.org/Custom> for a good starting point.

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