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Re: Bug#445576: ITP: detach -- command to detach a process

>>>>> "Artem" == Artem V Andreev <artem@AA5779.spb.edu> writes:

    Artem> I would add: "How is this different from 'detachtty'?"
    Artem> which IMHO does exactly the same thing...

>From the package description:

Description: Attach/detach from interactive processes across the network
 detachtty lets you run interactive programs non-interactively, and
 connect to them over the network when you do need to interact with
 them.  It's designed for long-running Lisp processes.  Unlike screen,
 it works in emacs comint modes, and unlike qcmu, it deals correctly
 with passing on a SIGINT sent to it.  Needs ssh for operation over the net.

detachtty looks closer to screen then detach/nohup/setsid.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.debian.net>

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