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Re: Bug#443392: ITP: gitpkg -- helper scripts for maintaining packages with git

Hi Ron,
On Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 04:53:34PM +0930, Ron wrote:
> I know I'm not the only one who feels that git-buildpackage is not
> 'right' for them, and this is my best answer to that problem to date.
> To point out a couple of concrete problems above and beyond prescribing
> the repo layout:
It'd be more than happy to hear about possible improvements.

> Looking at the manual page for git-buildpackage, it would appear that
> you can in fact only build packages from the current HEAD of a branch...
Which simply results from the fact that *branching* itself ist so
awfully cheap, you just do: 

git-checkout -b branch branchpoint_most_likely_a_tag

and build from there - done. This could easily be added to
git-buildpacakge itself but would just add commandline options for real

> Is that really true?  If so, it sort of misses the point of keeping
> all those old package versions in revision control.  If you can't go
> back and perfectly reproduce an old package, then you still need to
> keep the old packages themselves too...  krusty, say it ain't so?
You can, see above - otherwise I wouldn't see any point in having a
history at all.

> My latest problem with tools from the git-buildpackage suite was with
> git-import-dsc.  After discovering, to my horror, than none of the
> cvs import tools seem to be able to get a cvs-buildpackage repo
> correctly exported to something usable in git, I decided to forego
> the detailed history in preference to being able to extract the old
> packages again with perfect fidelity.  I've still got the old repo's
> I can examine, and it won't be too long before that's mostly all
> ancient history anyhow ...  so I decided to import all my old .debs
> directly.  And was most surprised to learn that git-import-dsc can
> only import one .deb per repo.  That's it.
This indeed is a limitation of git-import-dsc that could quiet simply be
fixed if this should be needed.
 -- Guido

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