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Re: Cleaning out useless debian/changelog entries

* Magnus Holmgren [Mon, 01 Oct 2007 16:47:16 +0200]:

> I'm taking over a package (pike7.6) that up to when it was orphaned got an 
> automated changelog entry each time the upstream build number was 
> incremented. Hence debian/changelog contains tens of completely 
> informationless entries ("The latest cvs snapshot", nothing more). I'm 
> thinking about deleting those which don't correspond to an actual upload to 
> Debian. Would that be acceptable, or is debian/changelog _strictly_ 
> prepend-only?

I personally would not remove them, and would recommend you not to do it
either. Said that, nobody will yell at you if you remove entries which
do *not* correspond to an upload to the official archive, **and** are
effectively empty.


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