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Re: Packaging a library that requires cross-compiled code

On Sep 28, Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> wrote:

> > 1) Ship a built copy of the code in the package's .diff.gz, and DTRT
> > at package creation time to move the .bin from debian/ to the right
> > place in the staging tree. The source code for the .bin is in
> > .orig.tar.gz, under a free license. Anyone is free to modify or
> This is (unfortunately for you) not acceptable for Debian proper.
> Everything in Debian must be buildable from source using tools in
> Debian.
No, you are wrong. This is the right way, and I can think about at least
one precedent (yaboot). It must be possible to fully compile from source
the packages in main by only using other packages in main, but there is
no requirement that this is done every time the binary debian package is
Another example is documentation which is distributed in the source
package in both "source" and "compiled" form and is not rebuilt because
while it would be possible this would add more build dependencies, waste
buildds time and would not be needed anyway.

In this case the firmware image distributed as a blob in the source
package can be built using the gcc-4.3-source package to create a
crosscompiler (there is no requirement to have a single-step procedure).

[1] In practice the release managers and/or the debian security team
nowadays require this to easily allow fixing security bugs in released
packages, but I expect that they will have no objections to this
specific case.


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