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Re: User-Agent strings, privacy and Debian browsers

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 11150 March 1977, Peter Eckersley wrote:
> > I've seen reports from very large sites indicating that User-Agent
> > strings are almost as useful as cookies for tracking their users.
> I cant believe this. Looking at the stats from packages.debian.org - U-A
> is the worst possible way to "track users". Would be totally dumb to try
> something with U-A:

Surely packages.debian.org is not a good example of a site with
generally few Debian users.

The scenario seems more likely to me on small non-technical sites that
only a few Debian unstable users are likely to visit. For special fun,
try browsing from an unusual architecture; that's in the user-agent
string too.

see shy jo

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