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Re: Bug#443392: ITP: gitpkg -- helper scripts for maintaining packages with git

Le vendredi 21 septembre 2007 à 20:49 +0200, Patrick Schoenfeld a écrit :
> Whats so bad about this? FOSS is much about choice, isn't it? Why
> shouldn't the user have the choice to select from different tools? In my
> humble opinion it does not make so much sense to pack those tools
> together just to have less packages.

Debian is about building an operating system, not about packing a giant
pile of crap that a few people in the world will ever use. Having some
choice between 2 incomplete tools is worse than not having any choice.
Either these tools are complementary and they should be packaged
together, or they are functionally similar and should be merged.

> Why don't you buy a cow, if you want a bottle of milk? Because you don't
> need it. And you don't want it. So why force the user to install a lot
> of (for him) useless tools if they just need and want one package that
> does the job nice? 

A pair of scripts is not "a lot of useless tools", sorry. The real issue
here is archive bloat.

> Also it makes it much harder for users to *find* the
> tools they need.

Are you serious? Tools are much easier to find when in a single package
that achieves the desired functionality. 

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