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Re: Packages with RFCs deleted

Le Mon, Sep 17, 2007 at 03:35:15PM -0500, Peter Samuelson a écrit :
> A lot of users appreciate our promise to read all the licenses so they
> don't have to.

> as I explain further, suddenly we have a user who notices, for the
> first time, that the RFC (or Sun Java, or whatever) actually _does_
> restrict their rights in a way they might actually care about.

Dear Peter,

I fully agree with what you write. Indeed what I support is not to ignore
the RFC or other similarly non-free, non-programmatic files, but to
document them in the copyright file, tolerate them in the source package,
exlude them from the binary packages in main, and ship them in non-free
if they are non-redundant and provide an added value. I think that it
gives a simpler and stronger message. As I tried to explain in my
previous mail, basing Debian on expurged tarballs gives a fictionnal
feeling of freedom, since they are not real forks and Debian still
depends on its developpers downloading non-free original upstream works
for each update.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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