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Renaming libraries from upstream

GPE includes libschedule which, when I originally packaged it, I
thought was a likely candidate for a name collision either now or later
because GPE is a small (self-contained) environment and 'schedule' is
such a common thing to do in software. So I renamed the Debian package
libgpeschedule to make it clear. (Over-eager new maintainer syndrome.)

I didn't anticipate how much work this would involve in packages like
gpe-calendar which use libschedule and look for it in ./configure. This
means patching ./configure in gpe-calendar and patching the pkg-config
file in libgpeschedule etc. I'm finding it difficult now to get
gpe-calendar to 'make distclean' in preparation for a second build
because the unpatched ./configure fails so 'make' won't start the
clean. This leads to an overly large .diff.gz and complicates
upgrading to new releases.

The rename also makes builds of gpe-calendar more long-winded than
necessary but otherwise, the builds are fine.

What's the best way forward?

1. Stick with the rename and some awkward but working builds, or

2. Undo the rename, put the library back through NEW and all the bother
involved in removing the renamed package in order to build cleanly, or

3. Just undo the rename of the pkg-config file to fix the small issue
with 'make distclean' or

4. Ship a symlink in /usr/lib/pkg-config for libgpeschedule.pc as
libschedule.pc again just fixing 'make distclean' or

5. something else?


Neil Williams

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