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Re: many packages FTBFS, if $TAPE is set

On Sun, 9 Sep 2007 11:08:19 +0400
"Sergei Golovan" <sgolovan@nes.ru> wrote:

> One of the packages co-maintained by me FTBFS if HOME environment
> variable points to an existing inaccessible directory. (See
> http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?&pkg=wings3d&ver=0.98.36-4&arch=mipsel&stamp=1189251602&file=log)

Does it build in a pbuilder chroot - one that has not been "tweaked" to
include /home/$SUDO_USER ?

> Should this be treated as a bug in buildd configuration or package
> maintainers should take into account the possibility of so unusual
> HOME behavior?

Personally, I would see that as a failure in the package. /home/foo
will not necessarily exist and I can't see a good reason to require
access to /home/foo at any time during a build.


Neil Williams

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