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Re: Find complete set of debs

Adrian von Bidder <avbidder@fortytwo.ch> writes:

> Hi!
> [please cc: me.  Thank you.]
> How can I (more or less efficiently - I do have a script but it's very crude 
> and probably buggy) download all .debs (and for bonus points the source 
> pkgs, too) that belong to some .deb that I have (same src package, same 
> version)?
> cheers
> -- vbi
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>> So does the bible contain invariant sections?
> It sure does:
> $ bible rev22:18-19
>         -- Drew Parsons, in a GFDL debate

If you just need to fetch them one or ocasionally:

Edit the list of DEBS and run 'BUILD=0 ./fetch-and-build'. The debs
will end up in 'pkgs' and the source in 'srcs'. It will sanity check
that all debs and source match versions at the end for extra points.

If you need something for a cron job I suggest a partial mirror with

apt-get install reprepro

--- conf/distributions ---
Origin: Debian
Label: Debian
Suite: stable
Codename: etch
Version: 4.0
Architectures: source i386 amd64
Components: main local
UDebComponents: main
Description: Debian etch
Update: - debian
SignWith: yes
DscIndices: Sources Release . .gz
DebIndices: Packages Release . .gz
UDebIndices: Packages . .gz

--- conf/updates ---
Name: debian
Architectures: source i386 amd64
Components: main contrib non-free main/debian-installer
Method: http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian
ListHook: conf/filter-debian.sh

--- conf/filter-debian.sh ---

SRCVER='^acl |^adduser '

( zcat "$1" | grep-dctrl -P -e "$BINSRC"
  zcat "$1" | grep-dctrl -F Source -e "$BINSRC"
  zcat "$1" | grep-dctrl -F Source -e "$SRCVER"
) > "$2"

exit 0

With that config an "reprepro -V update" will fetch you the latest
debs build from the sources and sources for acl and adduser and make
them availbale as repository for apt.


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