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Re: virtualbox-ose: package hijack?

Patrick Winnertz wrote:
>  I add it to the svn you removed it and when i ask you why you do it, you 
> told me that the tarballs doesn't belong into svn. you never mention any 
> other place where to put the tarball. 
> The only thing you mentioned were debian/rules upstream to build it, so 
> that everybody can build his own tarball to work on.... sorry but this 
> won't work.
> Furthermore your tone was not very friendly but very nerved and tersely. 

Note: this was done when I had some spare internet acces while vacation
in Berlin. I explained that to you why I don't have time to explain it
in more detail.

> You told me several times that you prepared a finished package but you 
> simply forgot to commit your changes into the svn, and that you will 
> upload it debian "this night". When I remember correct you told me this 3 
> times. 3 times nothing happens.

Because new issues with it arrised. I though at that time to better not
upload the package with those issues. History says I should have
probably had.

> As I mentioned above I would prefer not to post the full communication, 
> since this is private. (And as you know there are some things within you 
> won't want to see in public).

for others: the parenteses refere to nda related stuff.

> I told you that I don't have to explain why you shouldn't in the group, but 
> you have to explain why to be in it. 
> Then you try to threaten me with "do you really want a 
> schlammschlacht....? " (freely translated, sorry doesn't no a fitting 
> english word).

i still think there is no problem with me beeing in uploaders and you
beeing the maintainer. i still don't think we should 'discuss' the issue
as we do right now and why there cannot be a team with a mailinglist for

> As reason why I do not want you to be within the maintaining group I told 
> you that I group maintain it with Michael and Marvin and this is more than 
> enough people for this package.

> There were really hugh problems concerning 
> virtualbox which you simply do not see when uploading the package the 
> first time (sponsored for Philipp Hug) at debconf.

Phillip Hug is a DD. He can upload packages on his own. Hence he did
upload the package on his own, I did not see it before as I was busy
working together with Otavio at most parts of Debconf.

> Sorry?!? You'll never talked with me after the debconf upload (which was 
> also a very fast and dirty hack). Everytime I started after this a 
> communication with you I got as a answer: Sorry I have no time. Please do 
> not distrurb (also freely translated). 

Philip did the upload, not me. You did contact me one time after
Debconf, when I was, as announced, on vacation (with infrequent and
unstable internet access).

> It's okay to have a real-life.. I also have one. But if you have one and do 
> not do anything the last 6 months you can state that and say: Sorry I have 
> atm no time for this.

from your mouth, it sounds like I was MIA the last several months :))

> Please have a look on the bugs which are all assigned to you... and how 
> many are fixed there. You have much to many packages which you maintain 
> and many of them are more or less unmaintained and have several serious 
> bugs assigned to them.

umaintained? That's an unfair and untruth claim. There is one or two
packages which definitely deserved more love, both are beeing taken care
of (ipac-ng and thttpd that is).

> I do understand that you don't have that time to 
> work on virtualbox, but then you should also accept that we do not want to 
> add you to the Uploader field only because you would like to be a 
> maintainer of it.

I don't want to be the maintainer of it, I want to be a, or one of
several, co-maintainers.

> I've looked at the svn commits... for all who also want to have a look on 
> it please see here:
> http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-virtualbox/dists/trunk/virtualbox/debian/?op=log&rev=0&sc=1&isdir=1
> All things you do was the initial commit loong ago and then twice you 
> changed only the changelog. 
> And then after I start working in it, you revert my complete changes. 

That's wrong. The *only* thing I reverted is the layout change in the
svn (rational for it is given in the previous mail).

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