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Re: Why no Opera?

icelinux@icelinux.net wrote:
Quoting Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org>:


I did not say I was too lazy to read the docmentation. There is too much for a person who has no clue where to begin and it is difficult to digest without the knowledge of how thigs work. It is well known that developers who write documentation often have no trouble understanding it because they already know everything although it is unfathomable to the rest of the world.

having followed this thread i have the impression that you are quite lost in the process of creating a package.

i hope i will help a bit by providing you with my notes on the information appearing in:

# debian packaging
1) mkdir tmp && cd tmp

2) cvs -q export -r "TAG" -d project-X.X.X project (if its in a cvs repository)

5) tar cvfz project-X.X.X.tar.gz ./project-X.X.X

6) cd project-X.X.X (go in root dir of source code)

7) dh_make -e name@email.address -f ../project-X.X.X.tar.gz

#### debian-maint-guide ch2.4, p13 ####

8) edit control, copyright, rules (maybe works as is though), changelog, and any other files required

*) strace -f -o /tmp/log ./configure (or make instead of configure)

use the following script to find dependences (required for the control file):
for x in `dpkg -S $(grep open /tmp/log|\
perl -pe 's!.* open\(\"([^\"]*).*!$1!' |\
grep "^/"| sort | uniq|\
grep -v "^\(/tmp\|/dev\|/proc\)" ) 2>/dev/null|\
cut -f1 -d":"| sort | uniq`; \
do \
echo -n "$x (>=" `dpkg -s $x|grep ^Version|cut -f2 -d":"`"), "; \

10) run dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot to make the package
11) dpkg -X project_X.X.X-1_i386.deb ./  to extract it and
   dpkg -c project_X.X.X-1_i386.deb     to see the contents
   dpkg -I project_X.X.X-1_i386.deb     to query the info

   lintian -i project_X.X.X-1_i386.changes
   linda -i project_X.X.X-1_i386.changes  to validate the package
# eof

the missing steps are those strongly related with my project.

As a last word allow me to say that i am a newbe and that i have made the above list as a reminder. However, i don't think that the above are meaningful without reading through the maintainers guide.


Dionysis Kalofonos

Departamento de Informática
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Avda. de la Universidad, 30
28911, Leganés, Madrid, España
Edificio Sabatini, Despacho 2.1.C06


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