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Bug report template for missing md5sums file (was: proposed release goal: DEBIAN/md5sums for all packages)

Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> writes:

> With more than 600 issues, it's a bit early to make it a release
> goal IMHO. Though making maintainers aware by upgrading the lintian
> check to a warning and discussion on debian-devel about which
> exceptions are warranted (and possible mass bug filing) will
> probably be a good idea to get the amount reduced rather fast...

I've filed bug #439428 against strace, with a patch to add the
'dh_md5sums' commands. The following is presented for use by anyone
who wants to file similar bugs on other packages.

Package: strace
Version: 4.5.15-1
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

Debian policy recommends that all binary packages contain an 'md5sums'
control file. The following command shows that a package built from
this source package does not contain this file.

    $ lintian --info --display-info --check-part md5sums ./strace_4.5.15-1_powerpc.deb
    I: strace: no-md5sums-control-file
    N:   This package does not contain an md5sums control file. This control
    N:   file listing the MD5 checksums of the contents of the package is not
    N:   required, but if present debsums can use it to verify that no files
    N:   shipped with your package have been modified. Providing it is
    N:   recommended.
    N:   If you are using debhelper to create your package, just add a call to
    N:   dh_md5sums at the end of your binary-indep or binary-arch target,
    N:   right before dh_builddeb.

The attached patch changes the 'debian/rules' file to generate the
'md5sums' file for this package, and causes the above command to run
cleanly (with no output).

If there is a specific reason for avoiding the recommended 'md5sums'
file and not applying this patch or something similar, could you
please explain in this bug entry.

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