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Re: Package cache

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Eduard Bloch wrote:
> If you want to keep the files aside but ie.
> compressed than you should use a compressing filesystem.
> But if you want something working on access, expect it to perform very bad. 
> Ie. if you want to install the files from original package files on
> access, then you need some daemon that fetches them, you need a
> kernel-based add-on to interrupt the file IO when the application
> touches the file (everything including stat, not just reading), and you
> need to make sure that your network is always in perfect state.
> IMHO those are just too many unsafe requirements that make the whole
> approach insane on this level of an operating system.

Actually, you might be interested in looking at Zero Install, which does
pretty much what the OP wanted:


It used to use a FUSE plugin, but I see they've stopped requiring that with
the new version.

The way it works is that all applications are referred to by URL, and to
launch an application, you do '0launch <url>'. The application and all its
dependencies is fetched if needed, and then run. The cache directory can be
purged whenever necessary; the next time the application is run, it'll just be
refetched. It's distribution-agnostic, secure (inasmuch as that it'll only run
signed binaries), incredibly simple to use, doesn't require any root
permissions, and it's in lenny (zeroinstall-injector).

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