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Re: Debian From Scratch 0.99.0

Hi John


I installed DFS on my machine using the command:

cp –preserve –R /{bin,dev,etc,home,lib,root,sbin,usr,opt,var} /mnt/hda2

mkdir /mnt/hda2 /{boot,mnt,proc,sys,tmp}

then copied the contents of boot.


The reason I did that was my CD was scratched and I had no access to internet.


I managed to boot the system but I noticed there are many symlinks e.g /etc and they are pointing to /opt/dfsruntime


I can update and do almost everything without a problem but I wanted to know if there is a way I can change my system so that it now boots like an HD install and doesn't search for the CD etc. I also updated and installed KDEbase using the testing but I cannot logon as another user into KDE except root, but still for me to logon as root I first have to logon to console then run startx.


If it is not much trouble on your part, may you please tell me how I can change these things.
Thanks for the project.





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