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Re: Bug#438712: minimalist: The package description should use the pseudo-standard " Homepage:" trick

On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, Paul Wise wrote:

I suggest that the homepage does not belong inside the package at all
(because it can change separately to the package)

I agree that the homepage of a software might change but I really think
that the homepage changes much less frequently as the version of the
package which makes the change of the homepage a managable issue in
normal package maintainance process.  For those packages that change
not that frequently (perhaps orphaned) whe would have a further grip
on the software because we could use a link checker in addition to
uscan (provided there is a watch file) to verify whether the software
can be located as expected.  Filing a bug report about wrong homepage
might be a good reason to recompile the software to a new package which
is a reasonable quality check for packages that are not touched very
offen.  So IMHO it is a very good reason to include the homepage into
the package _because_ it changes separately.

The we could have
a real 'Homepage' field instead of the hackish XBS... stuff.

I'm very much in favour of a real 'Homepage' field.

Kind regards



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