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The status of libapache2-mod-perl2

Hi all,

I'm sending this mail as an answer to #438168 - A user
(understandably) fed up by what seems to be lack of attention to a
package that is core to many people's work, libapache2-mod-perl2. I
send this mail with some fear, of course, as I do not really want to
adopt it - but... Well, the circumstances might be pushing for it ;-) 

Now, what's ModPerl2's status?

- It is maintained by Thom May, with Andres Salomon listed as an
- Thom's last upload for this package (1.999.23-1) is dated 8 May 2005
- Andres' last upload (2.0.2-2) is dated 12 Mar 2006. Just for the record, two
  uploads prior to this (2.0.1-4, 04 Oct 2005), he notes in the
  changelog this is "The I'm-tired-of-maintaining-stuff-I-don't-use
- Since the beginning of 2006, the package has seen only four NMUs -
  Sesse, Luk, Aba and Vorlon

Of course, before any action, I'd like to hear Thom's or Andres' points
of view.

Now, I'd be happy to adopt it, but I really doubt I'm up to the
task. First of all, I suck big time at C. Second, I suck at time
allocation, and my Debian work has been repeatedly hampered by this.

My first suggestion is for the pkg-perl group to step up and take it
as one of our beloved children^Wmodules... But I fear several of us
will be in a position similar to mine, with a good knowledge of Perl,
but a poor knowledge of C - And in this case, we _will_ need it. On
the other hand, I'm also Cc:ing the Debian Apache Maintainers - But
the opposite effect might hold: You are familiar with the Apache guts,
but you might be unfamiliar with mod_perl2 itself


- Should we hijack/adopt the package, or will its current maintainers
  stand up and get it back to life?
- Is there somebody who wants to lead this?
- Pkg-perl and/or Apache groups: Do you agree? :)
- In any other case: Other takers?


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