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Re: native NMUs

On Tuesday 14 August 2007 4:44:52 pm Joey Hess wrote:
> Many native packages are not Debian-specifc software, but instead
> debian-originated software (examples: dpkg, apt). Other unrelated distros
> might choose to use native Debian software. Just because it's
> debian-originated software, doesn't mean that the project as a whole is

I should add that most of the software I write is uploaded to Debian as a 
native package, even though it is not really "Debian-originated" in the 
sense of dpkg or apt.  Examples are OfflineIMAP, hpodder, missingh, etc.

There are a few reasons for this.  One is that I keep the debian/ directory 
in my darcs or Mercurial development tree directly.  Debian bugs get treated 
the same as "upstream" bugs with a version number increment in 
debian/changelog, though I usually don't upload new tarballs to my 
own "upstream" site (if any) if they only fix Debian packaging bugs.  So 
there is really no point in adding a -1 to the end and creating a 0-byte 

I like your idea and think it would work well in this sort of situation too.

-- John

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