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Re: Bug#437392: debhelper: subroutine "isnative" in Dh_Lib.pm is confused by NMU of native package

Bart Martens wrote:
> Now imagine that someone would do an NMU of dh-make-php.  The right
> version would be 0.2.3-0.1 according to Debian Policy.

Actually, policy doesn't say any such thing. That syntax was invented by
the developer's reference. And it's IMHO dubious. 

Consider two packages:

foo is native and at version 1.0
bar is at version 0.9-1

Now, NMU foo to fix a bug, and NMU bar, upgrading it to version 1.0. If
you follow the developer's reference, you get:

foo is "native" at version 1.0-0.1
bar is at version 1.0-0.1

Now how is debhelper supposed to tell these two cases apart? I can think
of a few ways, but they're all fairly complicated and fragile.

Policy is actually careful to set up the invarient that "-" anywhere in
a version number means the package is not native. I don't know why the
developers reference choses to ignore that. Is there something wrong
with using a version number like "" for native package NMUs?
(Being careful to choose one that is well outside the normal range.
"1.0.debian.1" if necessary.)

see shy jo

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