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Re: Arch-independent parts of binary modules of interpreted languages

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> The rationale is simply that it's not always easily doable while using the
> official installation methods, and that changing it manually is
> error-prone and can be confusing in some cases.
> While it's important that all files in /usr/share be arch-independent
> (because one might want to share that between several machines),
> it's not that important that /usr/lib contains only arch-dependent stuff.
> In fact, in most cases it's convenient (if not required) to have the
> arch-indep glue around the binary part in the same directory than the
> binary part.

Another reason: I'd much rather get an error message like "Can't locate
Foo.pm in @INC" when trying to use a module Foo that isn't installed,
than "Can't locate loadable object for module Foo in @INC". The latter
is what you get if Foo.pm is there but the Foo.so  that it's a wrapper
for is missing. It's a much less common error, and so harder to debug.
Much better that any available perl modules be usable, and any with a
arch-dep binary part that's not installed not be visible on the
filesystem at all.

Of course this is all hypothetical, since I've never heard of /usr/share
actually being shared amoung machines of differing architectures.

see shy jo

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