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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

Le mercredi 08 août 2007 à 10:23 -0400, Tim Hull a écrit :
> * Making laptop frequency scaling/suspend/etc work "out of the box"
> when Laptop task is installed

It works out of the box in etch, with the cpufreq applet for the former
and gnome-power-manager for the latter (provided the hardware is

> * Installing all (free) codecs that are commonly used by default in
> the Desktop task (FAAC is one that comes to mind as one that could be
> added, as it is in main now)

Well, it's a new thing. Otherwise you already have all codecs supported
by ffmpeg, which is much better than most other distributions.

> * De-uglifying the default fonts - currently, many applications in
> Debian use poor-quality fonts or even *bitmap fonts*.  

It really depends on the applications. At least all Xft applications
should be using Bitstream Vera by default, and I don't remember of
non-Xft applications installed by default. Of course there's the notable
exception of OOo with #385332.

> * Simplify installation of out-of-tree kernel modules, possibly by
> adapting Ubuntu's Restricted Manager to work with m-a.  Non-free
> drivers would *only* be displayed if non-free is in the sources.list.

Binary Nvidia modules can already be installed directly from non-free.
AIUI the same can't be done for ATI ones because of licensing issues.

> Anyway, I'm curious to hear what's going on with respect to Debian on
> the desktop. I understand that there are things Debian can't do (i.e.
> include non-free or illegal software), but I feel Debian has a great
> deal of potential as a stable desktop distribution.  I want to help
> out as I can, and I'd prefer to do so with Debian due to it's open
> development process and non-profit status.

You're welcome to help in the development and maintenance of the various
pieces of software that constitute the desktop.
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  `-        our own. Resistance is futile.

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