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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

We already have this on the desktop, from what I can see (there is evidence of a scaling-module-loading-thingummy running on boot)
Yes, it loads, but the default scaling governor is set to "userspace".  As powernowd isn't included in the desktop task, this effectly means no CPU scaling by default.
The Ubuntu installer is a horrible mistake IMO. The installer is streamlined as much as is possible, and we already have a perfectly good live cd project (debian live.)
It doesn't need to be the Ubuntu installer - just having a 1-live-CD install with debian-installer (as an option) would be nice.  Also, debian-installer is fairly streamlined, though there are a few steps that could be optional (configuring the network, for instance, could be reserved for only the netinstall - I use wi-fi and thus am annoyed by having to go through this step).  Also, a few steps are somewhat confusing (like the partitioner).
Which programs are these? The default for GTK is Bitstream Vera Sans (or clone), which is perfectly good.
Iceweasel on the default install is like this - debian.org and Gmail are two sites which demonstrate this.  Instead of Bitstream Vera Sans (or Serif), parts of these sites use some fugly bitmap font instead (or a fugly TrueType font, if bitmap fonts are disabled). Ubuntu uses the bitstream fonts in these places.

This is a good idea. Simplifying the installation of non-free graphics card drivers should also be a priority, though not to the extent Canonical are currently planning.
That's pretty much what I meant - simplify all driver installs, both free and non-free.  However, the Driver Manager would only offer non-free drivers if you have non-free in sources.list.


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