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Re: Debian Packaging Handbook project

* Davide Truffa <davide@catoblepa.org> [2007-08-08 06:00]:
> we are a few wannabe-DD who think it would be really helpful to have a
> comprehensive packaging manual covering just all technical topics about
> making and maintaining Debian packages.
> At this moment, we have the New Maintainers' Guide and a bunch of other
> more or less good tutorials, anyway when one wants to make an even
> simple package she/he often have to look at dozens of guides,
> tutorials, manpages, manuals etc. and not infrequently this will not be
> enough. So we decided to start a project aimed to collaboratively write
> a packaging handbook, which should actually cover *almost all* of the
> information required to create and maintain *most* packages,
> efficiently using any interesting tool provided by Debian.
I don't want to run down this idea but wouldn't the 
result be nearly the same as the new maintainers guide + 
developers reference + things you think are missing from the 
current documentation but can be added?

Kind regards
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