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Re: New PAM in experimental needs testing

On Sun, 05 Aug 2007 18:36:45 +0100, Roger Leigh <rleigh@debian.org>
>A new version of PAM ( has been packaged and uploaded to
>experimental.  This is intended to replace 0.79-4.  However, because
>there have been quite a number of upstream changes, and all the
>Debian-specific patches against the old one were painstakingly
>re-diffed and updated by hand, and because a broken PAM means a rather
>broken system, this new version needs some wider testing before it is
>suitable for unstable.

Does it help when I try installing unstable, upgrading to new pam and
then check whether login and ssh server still works? i canont do this
before tomorrow night, and can only do very basic testing.


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