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rpath and library

Hi !

lintian and linda are issuing a warning when a library contains an rpath
statement. However,  lintian accepts rpath  being /usr/lib/package while
lindian does not do this test.

Here is the lintian warning:

Info: The binary or shared library sets RPATH.  This overrides the normal
 library search path, possibly interfering with local policy and causing
 problems for multilib, among other issues.
 The only time a binary or shared library in a Debian package should set
 RPATH is if it is linked to private shared libraries in the same package.
 In that case, place those private shared libraries in
 <tt>/usr/lib/<i>package</i></tt>.  Libraries used by binaries in other
 packages should be placed in <tt>/lib</tt> or <tt>/usr/lib</tt> as
 appropriate, with a proper SONAME, in which case RPATH is unncessary.
 To fix this problem, look for link lines like:
     gcc test.o -o test -Wl,--rpath,/usr/local/lib
     gcc test.o -o test -R/usr/local/lib
 and remove the <tt>-Wl,--rpath</tt> or <t>-R</t> argument.  You can also
 use the chrpath utility to remove the RPATH.

Whos is right here ? lintian or linda ?
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