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Trivial file needed by two packages

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Hi all,

with the new upload of python-qt4, it seems I have outsmarted myself. Here's an
outline of the problem:

python-qt4 contains the Python package PyQt4 (in
/usr/lib/python*/site-packages/PyQt4) with all kinds of extension modules and
some pure Python modules, along, of course, with an __init__.py. python-qt4 uses
py-central, and the pure Python modules are shared between Python versions.

In the new upload, I have moved the development configuration module
(PyQt4.pyqtconfig) into python-qt4-dev, which is only needed as a build
dependency (QScintilla2, which is currently ITP, will need this). This package
also uses pycentral, but the files are not shared because pyqtconfig.py differs
wrt the Python version used.

python-qt4-dev does not depend on python-qt4, and the point is of course to make
the build-dependencies a bit lighter. Now the problem is that __init__.py is in
python-qt4, but also needed if python-qt4-dev is installed with python-qt4
(otherwise PyQt4.pyqtconfig cannot be imported).

There are several solutions, among them:

1) roll the change back, move pyqtconfig.py back to python-qt4
2) make python-qt4-dev depend in python-qt4
3) create a new package python-qt4-common that only contains __init__.py, which
can be depended upon by python-qt4 and python-qt4-dev

1) and 2) are quite simple solutions, but fail to make the build-deps lighter
(python-qt4 is quite a large package, Installed-Size: 19380). Solution 3 reaches
this goal, but introduces a new package that has no added value.

Are there any other solutions? If not, which way should I go?

best regards & TIA


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